COVID-19 Security Hints & Tips Email Templates In 10 Additional Languages

The Product Content team is happy to announce that our 9 COVID-19 Security Hints and Tips email templates are now available in 10 additional languages.
The new emails are available in:

German (DE-DE)
French – Canada (FR-CA)
French – France (FR-FR)
Japanese (JP-JP)
Dutch (NL-NL)
Portuguese – Brazil (PT-BR)
Spanish – Latin America (ES-LA)
Spanish – Spain (ES-ES)
Simplified Chinese (ZH-CN)
Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) (ZH-HK)

These templates are available in
System Templates, in each language’s 
Security Hints & Tips
 category. The localized Security Hints and Tips categories are located at the bottom of the
System Templates


Due to character limitations, the category names use the language code (indicated above) rather than the full language and region name.


With this addition, we now have over
 5,000 templates!
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