Blackpoint Cyber is MTBW’s trusted MDR service partner. Managed Detection and Recovery is an essential cybersecurity service that helps keep company data and networks secure. MDR services go beyond the normal scope of IT network support. For companies that rely heavily on secure, accessible data, MDR is critically important. 

Blackpoint’s MDR technology is reliable, thorough, and offers easy onboarding processes for new clients. At MTBW, it is our goal to provide our clients with the best and the latest solutions for all their IT needs. Blackpoint’s MDR technology allows us to do just that.

Managed Detection and Response Advantages

Managed detection and response (MDR) offers several advantages over other cybersecurity measures. Most managed solutions providers offer is network monitoring, which is great for detecting outside threats and keeping them out. But what happens when cybersecurity threats get in?

Standard network security often struggles to detect internal threats like malware and ransomware. And the longer malicious software goes undetected, the harder it can be to remove. If left untouched, these threats can wreak havoc on your network or device. And that is where managed detection and response technology comes in.

What is MDR?

MDR security is different from other forms of network security in that it actively hunts for internal threats at all times. Whereas network surveillance monitors the perimeter of your network, MDR security keeps it safe internally. Hence the name: Managed Detection and Response. MDR technology like Blackpoint’s cybersecurity platform equips companies with better all-around protection from cybersecurity threats.

As mentioned above, this makes it easier to detect and remove cybersecurity threats from within your own network. For many companies, MDR security also offers the invaluable bonus of reduced IT workload. Unless your company has an entire team detecting and resolving cybersecurity threats, this is likely a service you will need to outsource. 

Without MDR technology, your IT solutions provider will likely be overburdened with help requests related to newly-discovered threats. This causes many problems that go unresolved. The burden also prevents your managed solutions provider from optimizing other areas of your business.

But with MDR, many of these problems are resolved much more easily. This not only protects your company from cyber threats, but also frees up your IT team to fulfill work in other areas. Managed data and recovery are beneficial to both productivity and security.

Blackpoint MDR Security

So why have we chosen Blackpoint as our MDR security partner? There are many reasons!

Blackpoint’s security technology is ideal for its combination of quality and user focus. Not only is Blackpoint’s MDR technology highly effective, but its platform is also easy to integrate and use. Blackpoint takes great care to ensure that its products work in unison with other established cybersecurity infrastructures. 

Blackpoint’s Security Operations Center provides 24/7/365 monitoring for all clients and service providers. Blackpoint’s SOC is able to combine network visualization, insider threat monitoring, anti-malware, traffic analysis, and endpoint security as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

Blackpoint’s integration options make it easy to use its technology in tandem with many other leading cybersecurity models. No matter your existing cybersecurity infrastructure, Blackpoint’s MDR platform can easily be adapted to fit your existing network. Blackpoint even offers specialized Cloud Response solutions to meet the increasing demands of cloud-based work environments.

All of these factors enable Blackpoint to offer fast response times and reliable solutions to any client, anywhere. This frees up IT partners to provide more optimized solutions in other areas of your business besides threat detection and response.

Blackpoint Cyber is one of several trusted partner companies that MTBW works with to provide industry-leading solutions. To learn more about MTBW’s partners and IT solutions, contact us today.