Ransomware is different than conventional viruses, Trojans, worms and Malware, for it encrypts data that requires a specific encryption key to decrypt the information.

The cyber attackers use the same technology that encrypts and protects financial and other confidential information transactions via the Internet.

As you’ll read in the article below a hospital was down for 10 days, while law enforcement and computer experts attempted futilely to clean and restore the system.

Network Security & Ransomware Protection in Maryland & Virginia

Ransomware has many evolving variants and proves to be a moving target. Working with some of the foremost industry security firms there are additional current security configurations, applications, appliances, policies and procedures that are warranted and time sensitive. We cannot emphasize sufficiently that multiple layers of security are required, regular reviews of your security posture are paramount and insuring that complete backups are successful and tested is of an utmost importance. Normal IT business operations have an inherent level of vulnerability that outside of disconnecting from the world cannot be totally eradicated, but Defense in Depth security measures should be deployed to insure your network is a most formidable target.

MTBW Services has developed an 18 point checklist for protection against Ransomware. These protections range from software configurations available almost universally with any operating system to Snapshot technologies that allow for the creation of automatic recovery points throughout the day. The encouraging news about these various options is that none cost prohibitive. There are solutions for every company size budget.

Please review your security and backup devices, software and configuration in detail. If you need any assistance or just want some additional information please take the liberty to contact your MTBW Services representative.