MTBW trusts Datto’s SaaS-based technology to provide our partners with the best, most secure IT solutions for them. As a leading software security provider, Datto’s prioritizes growth and partnership above everything else. These goals align closely with MTBW’s own mission of providing our clients with the best, most up-to-date IT solutions possible.

But Datto is more than just a client-focused SaaS provider. Datto also offers industry-leading SaaS-based technology for network and device security, business continuity, and much more in IT business solutions.

Datto SaaS-Based Technology Advantages

One of the qualities that make Datto’s SaaS solutions great for MTBW and our clients is variety. Datto’s focus is on helping small and medium businesses reach their full potential. This means that they provide SaaS-based solutions for all types of IT services. 

Through our partnership with Datto, MTBW is able to meet the unique demands of our clients while providing industry-leading SaaS-based technology. Datto’s own goals are as follows:

  • Protect Client Workloads
  • Mitigate Cybersecurity Risk
  • Deliver Exceptional Service

Working with Datto gives managed IT solutions providers like MTBW the ability to offer world-class IT software solutions. Whether your business requires cloud software backup and support, data protection, business continuity support, or network monitoring, Datto offers a SaaS solution for you.

What is SaaS?

You may be wondering, “What is SaaS, exactly?”

SaaS stands for “Software as a Service.” This is a delivery method for software products in which the software is accessed via the internet as a service. This is rather than being installed on a device. SaaS models have a few key advantages over other forms of software delivery.

First, the SaaS model allows every user to have access to a central infrastructure. This enables the software provider to update their technology more freely and quickly. Because every user is connected to a central infrastructure, the SaaS provider only needs to maintain one version of their software, rather than dozens or hundreds.

Second, the SaaS model allows for better customization of features. SaaS products may be accessed from any device in their network. And because there is a central infrastructure, users can customize their experience with the software without risk or hassle. This is ideal for managed solutions providers. This allows us to adapt to our clients’ varying industry and company needs.

Datto SaaS-Based Technology and Software Solutions

So what types of SaaS software does Datto offer, specifically? Datto offers an expansive variety of SaaS solutions for its clients to choose from. Here are a few of the most consistently relied-upon SaaS software offerings from Datto:

SaaS Protection and Recovery

Datto offers SaaS protection and recovery for both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. These data protection services are the last line of defense regarding disaster recovery. Datto’s SaaS protection plans offer fast, reliable restoration of lost data in emergencies. And with seamless onboarding processes, these solutions are easy to implement for new clients.

SIRIS Data Protection Platform

SIRIS is Datto’s multi-platform data protection service. This platform provides easy and reliable protection and recovery for client data across all platforms and devices. Clients are protected from ransomware, accidental data loss, or disaster.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Datto’s remote monitoring platform makes it easier than ever for managed service providers to monitor and secure client systems remotely. This allows us to provide better network support, and gives you greater peace of mind when you work with us.

Datto is one of many valued partners that MTBW works with to provide our clients with the best available IT solutions. MTBW can provide custom IT solutions to businesses of all sizes, thanks in part to our strong partnerships. Contact us to learn more.