7-Step Procedures for Responding to Ransomware

Ransomware is common enough now that you can’t help but to have heard of it. As far as enterprise IT goes, Ransomware is probably one of the top three things business owners worry about – and could well be the cause that changes everything in an instant.

Ransomware resilience, recovery, and availability has become a crucial part of IT contingency planning. You have planned for it, haven’t you? If not, I hope your backup regime was thorough enough that you’re able to recover from the attack.

For those who have yet to be affected by Ransomware, but are keen to learn more about the threat, how to protect yourself, and recover once attacked – this ebook is for you. 

This 36-page ebook digs deep into the scope, impact, and intricacies of Ransomware, without being too complicated and technical. It’ll help you understand Ransomware and what to do to protect yourself and your organization and includes a detailed discussion on:

  • The unexpected costs of recovery
  • Effectively fighting Ransomware
  • How to quickly respond to, and recover from, attacks
  • And more!

Download it now to put the above to use in your organization and to learn 7 standard operating procedures for responding to an attack.

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» 7-step Procedures for Responding to Ransomware 

Source: TechTarget, Inc.

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