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More Than A Year of Business Emails Lost: Story From the Trenches

Through the decades of business, MTBW Services has developed friendships with colleagues working at various IT Service providers. One of these colleagues recently experienced a nightmare scenario with one of their clients. The client had a backup solution that reported the Exchange server was backing up correctly. The Exchange server crashed! When the restore operation was attempted they discovered that each backup copy was corrupted. The client had only one successful Checkpoint backup to restore which dated back a year and a half. The outcome – the client lost a year and a half of emails. It is imperative to not only…

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Four New Mac Malware Strains Exposed

Mac platforms are at risk after Malwarebytes discovered four new Mac malware strains. The attack surface for malware continues to expand. This is a reminder to all of us to be diligent in our defensive measures and to ensure our recovery mechanisms are in place. Do you have a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan? Contact us to learn how to protect your business and how to mitigate these attacks. We are your security experts! View full article on TechTarget »

Datto New Recovery Agent

Datto has released a new version of their Recovery Agent that allows for a more efficient and streamlined restoration. As the backup process occurs in the background, the operation doesn’t cause any business interruptions. The time-sensitive operation is the restoration process. The new Recovery Agent provides a noticeable reduction in the restore process, thus it is a definite improvement. Unfortunately, there isn’t an in-place upgrade process, so what is necessary is that the existing agent is uninstalled, the new agent installed, the current backups removed and then the initial seeding of all the data before the incremental backups can occur….

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Recent Real World Experience: Combating Ransomware Infection Part I Principle of Least Privilege

Just this past weekend MTBW Services was called upon to assist in the recovery from a Ransomware infection. Though never a pleasant way to spend a weekend, from our experience assisting scores of other companies infected with this insidious Malware, we were able to clean and recover the data affected. We have released an extensive checklist regarding protections in the battle against Ransomware – Ransomware Evolutions and Derivatives – but there are a few from this most recent battle that merit reiteration. The Principle of Least Privilege is a critical component in combating the ravages of Ransomware. The Principle of…

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Backup, Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery In A Box

As a continuation of the information we’re disseminating to all our clients regarding protection against the insidious threats we’re all currently confronting, we want to broaden the scope. Certainly the Defense in Depth security posture that we have covered previously is critical, though it is not all that is required to insure your business protection and functionality. Just as a safe driver operates in a defensive manner to avoid collisions, though still obtains insurance for those unforeseen situations, companies require an IT solution to respond to various business interruptions. Whether those outages are caused by Malware such as Ransomware or…

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