Datto New Recovery Agent

Datto has released a new version of their Recovery Agent that allows for a more efficient and streamlined restoration. As the backup process occurs in the background, the operation doesn’t cause any business interruptions. The time-sensitive operation is the restoration process. The new Recovery Agent provides a noticeable reduction in the restore process, thus it is a definite improvement.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an in-place upgrade process, so what is necessary is that the existing agent is uninstalled, the new agent installed, the current backups removed and then the initial seeding of all the data before the incremental backups can occur. As we schedule this upgrade we will ensure that there is another backup routine for protection before any existing Datto backups are removed. Most environments already have a secondary backup, but for those that don’t we’ll implement a temporary solution.

Though this isn’t a seamless procedure, the benefits of the new Restoration Agent provide enhancements that will pay dividends if a recovery is ever required. Someone from MTBW will be contacting you about the process in the near future.

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