Backup, Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery In A Box

As a continuation of the information we’re disseminating to all our clients regarding protection against the insidious threats we’re all currently confronting, we want to broaden the scope. Certainly the Defense in Depth security posture that we have covered previously is critical, though it is not all that is required to insure your business protection and functionality.

Just as a safe driver operates in a defensive manner to avoid collisions, though still obtains insurance for those unforeseen situations, companies require an IT solution to respond to various business interruptions. Whether those outages are caused by Malware such as Ransomware or just the inevitable hardware failures destined for all equipment or a natural disaster, a company requires a solution that can respond accordingly.

Through extensive research and real world trials we are proud to announce our partnership with Datto, who truly provides backup, business continuity and disaster recovery in a box.

At MTBW we have literally been searching for years for a solution that is not cost prohibitive, for most of our clients are in the SMB market, though scales to any size, that can supply companies the ability to have their systems virtualized at regular intervals during the day and that image can be quickly activated using an intuitive portal to allow for continued business operations in response to a device failure. In addition the same image is stored in a secure manner to the Datto Cloud to allow for disaster recovery situations where a facility has been destroyed or is totally inaccessible.

We invite you to take some time to visit for complete information on the company. The aforementioned quick 10,000 foot view of the solutions they provide is just a cursory description. For those companies we deal with regularly your MTBW representative will be discussing this solution with you in the near future. For those that use MTBW sporadically please feel free to contact your representative regarding the Datto advantage.

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