More Than A Year of Business Emails Lost: Story From the Trenches

Through the decades of business, MTBW Services has developed friendships with colleagues working at various IT Service providers. One of these colleagues recently experienced a nightmare scenario with one of their clients.

The client had a backup solution that reported the Exchange server was backing up correctly. The Exchange server crashed! When the restore operation was attempted they discovered that each backup copy was corrupted. The client had only one successful Checkpoint backup to restore which dated back a year and a half. The outcome – the client lost a year and a half of emails.

It is imperative to not only verify that your backup solution reports successful backups but to execute a test restore on a regular schedule.

Let the experts at MTBW evaluate your needs and assist with your Backup/Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solutions so this doesn’t happen to you. Contact us today!

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