Amazon Web Services S3 Outages on the 28th of February 2017: A Wake Up Call!

The recent Amazon Web Services S3 outage is a reminder to all of us that the Cloud is really just your data and applications running on hardware at another physical location. All of us have been inundated with the term Cloud in recent years and it has taken on an ethereal connotation. This post is not an attempt to dissuade anyone from selecting a Cloud based solution. MTBW Services has been a long-term partner with leaders in Cloud based solutions for years. We continue to implement Cloud based solutions for our clientele on a weekly basis.

What we are posting is a reminder that a Cloud based solution is the replacement of some or all of your on-premises physical hardware and software with remote physical hardware and software solutions at another physical location. Yes, I meant to use PHYSICAL that many times to reinforce the point. Certainly, the reputable Cloud solution providers have redundancy that makes them more fault tolerant than the standard business, but does not make them infallible. Just as with an on-premises solution, it is imperative to have a business continuity plan for your Cloud based applications and data.

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