During These Uncertain Times MTBW is Here for You

First and foremost, all of us at MTBW Services want to say to everyone – please stay safe. Relationships, especially at small businesses, have a habit of extending beyond just commerce, so we want all of you to be healthy.

As the news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues, we want to reassure you that MTBW Services and its personnel are operating as close to normal as possible. We’ve implemented new safety procedures for all our personnel and, just as importantly, all of our clients. We’re working remotely as much as possible so that we can exercise social distancing.

In regards to onsite visits, all of our personnel have procedures to protect all involved. One significant modification in providing services revolves around more involved projects. Where previously we would assign multiple MTBW Services personnel for major projects, to limit personnel involved, we are only scheduling a single engineer. This is for safety reasons for both the MTBW personnel and all our clients.

Though MTBW Services was established in 1997 and has combated, side by side with our clients, major trials and tribulations such as 9/11, the H1N1 pandemic, and numerous recessions, I believe it’s safe to say we all are in unchartered territory.

As we have been immersed in providing all of our standard IT services, we have been working incessantly to deploy remote connectivity solutions for our clients. This critical service is allowing clients to continue their respective business operations while adhering to the social distancing requirements. 

Please know that you can contact us for assistance and we’ll continue to strive to provide the exceptional service we pride ourselves on.

Please stay healthy and safe!

Greg, Jason, Sharon, Ian, Robert & Amira
Your Team at MTBW Services

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