Greg Baharoff Of MTBW Selected As The Nuclear Security Summit IT Coordinator

Greg Baharoff of MTBW Services has been selected as the IT Coordinator for the Nuclear Security Summit to be held at the Washington Convention Center on the 12th and 13th of April 2010. This selection is exciting for all at MTBW Services, because of the project scope and significance. The purpose of the Nuclear Security Summit is to discuss steps that can collectively be taken to secure vulnerable nuclear materials and prevent acts of nuclear terrorism.

We are notifying all existing MTBW clients of this project to inform them that though it will be resource intensive that all normal procedures for contacting and engaging with us will remain the same. MTBW has made arrangements for additional support engineers with a firm we have worked with in this capacity for years. Greg Baharoff and Tobias Gregory, the two principles of the respective firms, established a formal collaboration agreement years ago to provide coverage when the other requires it. Both have been in the Information Technology industry for decades.

This notification of the potential for a new support engineer being deployed to your site attempts to eliminate the unexpected. If it is necessary to delegate a new support engineer to your site you will be informed proactively. He/she will be provided the required site information to be properly prepared and will have the ability to contact your usual MTBW engineer during the site call.

We don’t foresee this arrangement being called upon extensively, but to insure that all MTBW clients continue to have the response time they have become accustom to we have made these preparations. Thank you for your understanding as MTBW continues to grow, which we fully recognize is based on the continued patronage of our existing clients.

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