How Blackpoint Cyber Has Perfected Their Managed Detection and Response

Managed detection and response (MDR) is a cybersecurity service that provides comprehensive, 24/7 threat monitoring and response. MDR services can provide tremendous relief and protection for companies that face high volumes of IT security threats. While managed security service providers (MSSPs) still provide valuable security services, MDR providers like Blackpoint Cyber add an extra level of protection.

Blackpoint Cyber Managed Detection and Response

Blackpoint Cyber’s managed detection and response tools are proven and trusted for 24/7 threat detection and elimination. Blackpoint’s SNAP platform works with existing tools to continuously monitor, detect, and respond to cybersecurity threats in your network. One of the greatest strengths of this system is that it enables a cohesive security system. 

With Blackpoint Cyber MDR services, all security services work in unison for smooth, frictionless network and device security. Blackpoint’s MDR system can quickly eliminate malware and security threats as soon as they are detected. In doing so, the malware is unable to spread and compromise other devices on the network.

What Is MDR?

How does MDR differ from your standard cybersecurity package provided by a managed security service provider? There are a few key differences between the two.

Namely, managed detection and response is able to provide internal security services, rather than simply external. MDR also provides a more skilled response to cybersecurity threats, and helps reduce the burden placed on IT security teams.

The key distinction between MDR services and an MSSP is the level of sophistication and lateral protection provided. Your standard IT security team provides network monitoring, offering security to keep threats out. But what happens when a threat makes it through that safety net? Internal threat detection is more difficult and nuanced. At the same time, early threat detection is often very important when it comes to eliminating malware. Managed detection and response, as the name suggests, works as the essential internal safety net for detection and response. An effective MDR system will provide an analysis of all threats detected. This allows for faster response times for better solutions. MDR services can also help companies identify weaknesses in their cybersecurity network, enabling them to implement more effective solutions.

In this way, MDR technology can help streamline all of a company’s cybersecurity processes.

Advantages of MDR Security

There are many reasons why MDR security can benefit any company. This is true for companies of all sizes, but especially for those that face a high volume of cybersecurity threats. 

First, very few companies have the resources to train and employ a dedicated team of network security experts. This often means that malware can infiltrate a network and go undetected until it begins to spread. While malware issues may still be resolved, doing so will be more difficult and will have a lower success rate. With managed detection and response services, however, internal threats are constantly being hunted and resolved before they take effect.

By providing more thorough threat detection and response, MDR security reduces the burden on your dedicated IT team. For large companies, in particular, this can be a tremendous benefit. The bigger your company, the greater the volume of security alerts your IT security team is faced with. MDR security can dramatically reduce that volume, allowing your IT staff to focus their efforts more appropriately. As a result, MDR services offer both direct and indirect support to your cybersecurity systems.
As a leading technology services provider, MTBW is proud to partner with Blackpoint Cyber for all MDR services. Blackpoint’s cybersecurity detection platform is comprehensive and flexible, enabling it to work with all other networks and systems. To learn more about MTBW’s services and partners, contact us today.

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