How Does Your End Point Protection Rate at Blocking Ransomware

Recently Network World in conjunction with KnowBe4 published a document regarding the effectiveness against Ransomware of the most popular end point protection applications as reported by real world users in a current survey.

These included such industry heavy hitters as Symantec, Sophos, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, Webroot, McAfee, ESET, Microsoft and Vipre.

The testing included the KnowBe4’s ransomware simulator, RanSim, to test the ability of the antivirus solutions to detect and stop RanSim “attacks.” Mimicking 10 different infection scenarios, RanSim attempts to encrypt simulation files it downloads from the Internet, rather than files from the actual endpoint.

Follow the link here to determine how your end point protection scored and learn other critical information regarding Ransonware.

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