MTBW Services Inc. Celebrates 10th Anniversary (1997-2007)

MTBW Services Inc. is proud to be celebrating its 10 year Anniversary in 2007. All of us at MTBW Services Inc. would like to thank our clients, for they are the reason we have reached this milestone.

This accomplishment is noteworthy considering that the Small Business Administration reported that of the 580,900 new businesses launched in just 2004, the number that have closed is 576,200.That’s a 99.2% chance of a business not reaching its third year.

From the humble beginnings in 1997 of starting MTBW Services in a spare room of founder Greg Baharoff’s Germantown, Maryland home, the company has continued to serve the business community with superior IT services and support. Believe it or not in 1997 it was uncommon for people to have an email address, going online meant using a Dial-up connection for the vast majority, there was no Google, there was no Blogging and many companies still didn’t have networks or websites. In 1997 there were under 2,000,000 websites and now the number found by Google is 1,346,966,000.

“It has been an exciting 10 years to be in the IT business. First, I want to thank all our clients for continuing to call upon us for their IT support and services needs. The complexity of the industry has grown exponentially and we strive to assist our clients with their solution choices”, commented Greg Baharoff, Founder and President of MTBW Services. He continued, “We’ve been here during the Internet craze, the Y2K hysteria, the subsequent crash, the introduction of viruses, Trojans, worms, SPYWare and SPAM and have evolved with the industry to provide our clientele the ever changing solutions required for them to succeed in their respective industries. We optimistically look forward to serving the business community for the next 10 years, and beyond”.

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