Network Outage Cost Calculator

Over the years MTBW Services has sent a rudimentary spreadsheet to clients to calculate what it costs when they have a network outage. The spreadsheet was useful, but not completely automated. Well we are happy to announce a link to our webpage that will provide access to a simple form based calculator to determine your true costs for network outages. This calculator will provide the ability to quantify what a network outage really costs your firm and thus allow you to budget your IT business continuity and disaster recovery expenditures in an informed manner.

Please follow the link to access the Network Outage Cost Calculator on the MTBW website. The top half of the calculator will provide details on what is required for various recovery times. The bottom half is the cost calculator for network outages. You can complete one or both.

> Network Outage Cost Calculator

Note: We have found the Mozilla Firefox is a more reliable browser to execute the Network Outage Cost Calculator.

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