Reseller Management Magazine Claims Greg Baharoff “The Master Of Disaster”

In an article in Reseller Management Magazine Greg Baharoff was declared The Master of Disaster. Though that description may be a bit of hyperbole, MTBW has been there for many clients facing data loss or complete system failure. Though MTBW Services strives to provide clients the solutions and fail over protection to prevent disasters; there are times when the advice isn’t heeded. More likely it involves clients that haven’t had an opportunity to meet the personnel of MTBW to discuss in detail how they can protect their valuable data.

In those situations MTBW brings to the table years of recovery services that are a mixture of in house techniques and long term relationships with companies that specialize in that particular specialty.

“Though our particular specialty revolves around preventing data loss, there are times that we face that situation,” commented Greg Baharoff of MTBW Services. He continued, “The escalation of what is required to recover the data, whether it’s provided by the system, some other media, specific software or hardware is not always self evident. Care must be taken to not exacerbate the situation. That’s where we come in.”

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