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MTBW Service Referral Rewards Program Awards CRW Mechanical $200

Two local companies working together lifting each other higher.

Mount Airy, MD – August 23, 2022

Local managed service provider MTBW is proud to announce CRW Mechanical to be the latest recipient of their Service Referral Rewards Program. Whenever an individual or company supplies a referral that leads to a new MTBW client, MTBW offers a $200 incentive in addition to their thanks for the referral. With so much business and day-to-day life happening online, and its increasing vulnerability because of it, the benefits and security of MTBW’s backup and protection are a value CRW Mechanical saw fit to recommend to others in addition to using themselves. This incentive is an additional thanks from MTBW to CRW Mechanical for choosing to attest to their services and the safety and security of their data in MTWB’s care.

MTBW offers big business solutions on a small business budget, working with individuals and businesses to protect personal data no matter how or where it’s stored. This can include data on local servers, physical storage on computers, and SaaS cloud storage. They can back up your data if it’s lost or stolen, or if targeted by ransomware or hackers. This can even recover data that could otherwise be lost. They’re a proudly veteran-owned small business and a certified ISO 9001 company. They operate in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. 

CRW Mechanical has served Annapolis, Maryland, Northern Virginia metro, and the District of Columbia for over 30 years. They are full-service mechanical contractors and also handle HVAC and general plumbing issues. They are signatories to three local unions employing plumbing and steamfitter journeymen and apprentices, training over five years to provide high-quality plumbing work they can be proud of.

This $200 referral reward is available to any MTBW client who is willing to refer them. After getting valuable data backed up or recovered by MTBW that value will be made all the more clearly. The safety and security of MTBW’s services make that reward the icing on the proverbial cake. Working at rates that are friendly to most budgets while providing protection solutions befitting a much bigger budget, MTBW makes the increasingly online world of e-commerce that much safer and more friendly. Protecting personal data with MTBW is as simple as talking to one of their specialists for more information.


Greg Baharoff, owner of MTBW: “At MTBW Services we are fully aware that a referral is the biggest compliment we can receive. It implies an extreme level of trust in the professionalism, responsiveness, and expertise in the IT Services we provide to every client. We thank every person that has provided a referral to us. Certainly, we all appreciate recognition when we offer a gracious gesture. Beyond the recognition, MTBW Services likes to put its money where its mouth is.

That’s why we created the MTBW Services Referral Rewards Program that couples the Thank You with the financial benefit of $200. Thank you to Rudy Ford and all the crew at CRW Mechanical.“

From CRW Mechanical: “We are signatory to three local unions employing plumbing and steamfitter journeyman and apprentices, who are rigorously trained over the course of five years, to provide the highest level of craftsmanship to your project. Our management staff consists of project managers with the same level of training and attention to detail working together to bring your vision to life. Our executive leadership is actively involved in the daily management, and successful completion of your project.”

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