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Two C-Level Execs Fall Victim to 21 Million Dollar Phishing Fraud Email Scheme

A movie chain company’s Managing Director and CFO were ensnared in a Phishing Email Scheme that cost their company 21 million dollars and them their jobs. As Phishing email scams become more prevalent and their content/appearance more authentic, it is imperative that all those involved in the financial transactions of any firm be aware of the threat and educated about detecting these nefarious campaigns. Every firm should have protection mechanisms to not only block these emails, but procedures to determine the validity of any request for monetary transfers. If you need any assistance with your security posture and/or your Business…

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Cloud Based Email Solutions Need Anti-SPAM Help

Microsoft and other cloud-based email providers offer basic email security features to provide hygiene services. More and more cloud email users are finding that the anti-SPAM and other protection services included in the offerings aren’t sufficient. They rely on traditional filtering techniques such as IP reputation, volume, and signature-based anti-virus scans. More is needed to protect against modern-day attacks, particularly as email is the most reliable way for threats to reach your users. Proofpoint takes a next generation approach to deliver industry-leading email security protecting organizations against known and new attacks. Proofpoint has solutions starting at as low as $2.75…

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