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MTBW’s Robert Baharoff Obtains Fortinet Network Security Engineer (NSE1) Certification

MTBW Continuing Education Campaign Fortinet is a global and respected leader in security solutions. MTBW dedicates time and resources for our employees to not only maintain certification status but perennially increase their knowledge to provide the leading edge of solutions to our clients. If you need any assistance with your security posture and/or your Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery BCDR please reach out to the security experts at MTBW Services, Inc.

Facebook Breach and How it Affects Your Company’s Security

The recent Facebook security breach has been covered extensively not only on technical sites but also in the mainstream news. It is estimated over 50 million Facebook accounts have been compromised. The information they accessed included the email address and password associated with Facebook accounts. What is critical is to understand how this can affect your company’s security. Though many consider Facebook an individual’s and not a company’s domain, the spillover can have direct effects on your company’s security. News agencies are reporting the Facebook hack can be directly traced to the increase in the number of compromised Microsoft email…

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